MRI Suite, Princeton Orthopaedic Associates

Surgical Center

The University Medical Center at Princeton in Monroe, New Jersey, commissioned giclée prints on canvas from Silvère Boureau to display throughout the entire center: Reception, Pre-op, Recovery, Offices, the Exam Room and a hallway. Landscapes find a place in 21st Century Medicine! Many people fear hospitals. They imagine the treatment center as a [...]

Gagnon Cardiovascular Institute

Images of nature were placed at access points of each floor of the Gagnon cardiovascular institute in Morristown NJ. Roses a Francoise, 36" by 36" White Rhododendron, 36" by 36"     Porcelain vine, 36" by 36"  

Mural in Lobby at Geisinger Heart Hospital

21 feet mural by Silvère Boureau in the lobby of the Geisinger heart hospital in Wilkes Barre, Pa. View of the Market Street bridge and banks of the Susquehanna river in downtown Wilkes Barre. Image stylised and simplified to 3 colors, painted on 3 canvases for a total of 21 feet long mural.

Outpatient building, Wyoming Valley Hospital, Pa.

108 feet long venetian plaster mural located in ground level corridor of Outpatient building. The mural is composed of 27 panels, 4 feet wide each. 6 colors fade into each other.